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Two REIN™ Announcements and Changes

The exclusive March REIN™ Workshop is turning out to be a very important event for Members, as the market shifts and the number of listings is shrinking - it's time to focus on getting the 'edge' back. There are 2 important items to note (please read right to the end of the message)

#1 REIN™ Alberta REIN™ Workshop -

Uncovering the Property Goldmines, Completely Updated Analysis System

Edmonton - March 7th at the Sutton Place Hotel, 10256 - 101st St Calgary - March 8th at the Metropolitan Center, 333-4th Ave SW

6:30pm - 10:15pm. Doors open at 6 pm for networking.

The market is changing and REIN™ Members will continue to have a unique research advantage over all other investors with this new tool.

This evening Workshop is jam-packed with Canadian Specific Real Estate Strategies, special guests, expert investors and many other surprises.

We start off with the release of the brand new Property Goldmine Scorecard for 2006. That's right, it is new, improved and ready to help you take advantage of today's market environment. As prices increase every sophisticated investor must adapt. The questions we ask change and the focus of the investor must also change. If you don't adapt to the market you can get yourself in serious real estate trouble. With this new card, we adapt our approach to today's Alberta real estate market realities... thus giving Members their continual edge.

Next, you'll discover the latest financing strategies. Peter Kinch has just spent the last two weeks with the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of major lending institutions (CIBC, Scotia, BOM and more) - negotiating on REIN™ Members' behalf and what he has uncovered is very exciting and can greatly affect your bottom line if you take advantage of it. Another reward for being a Member!

A full evening jam-packed with Canadian Specific Real Estate Strategies. Of course we will also have the key presentations that make REIN™ Members the top percentile of successful real estate investors across the country. Including:

  • What's Behind The Curtain - a detailed look at the real economics behind the local real estate markets as well as uncovering hidden real estate gems.

  • Member Infomercials - please call the office to set one up or e-mail

  • Tales from the Legal Trenches - Veteran Lawyers sharing the latest 'property landmines' to avoid at all costs.

And much much more.

You'll want to be at this Workshop early and come prepared for an amazing evening focused on one thing - YOUR success in Canadian Real Estate.

We will also have a time at the end of the REIN™ Workshop to celebrate the life of Michael Millenaar - a veteran REIN™ Member who recently lost his battle with cancer. Lessons to be learned - and a special audio clip right from Michael to REIN™ Members... an amazing message we should all take to heart.

Next Month's April REIN™ Workshop includes a very exciting presentation from the Chief Economist of Alberta - insights into the new Provincial Budget, where the Alberta economy is really heading, what trouble spots loom on the horizon and what opportunities will be waiting for those of us by removing emotions and focusing on Canadian real estate fundamentals (April 11th in Edmonton and April 12th in Calgary).

#2 The Toronto ACRE System Program-

taught by Don Campbell, is also coming very quickly (April 8th & 9th) and will be sold out well in advance. In fact the registrations are already pouring in at this early date. To register reply to this e-mail or call the REIN™ Office at 1-888-824-7346 or for the easiest registration follow this link:

There is a lot happening in the coming weeks (more exclusive event announcements coming very soon!) and they are all focused on one thing - you becoming the most successful real estate investor you can be.

Can't wait to see you there! If you are interested in becoming a member of The Real Estate Investment Network click here...

P.S. The next book in the Real Estate Investing in Canada series is almost ready for release from the publisher. It is titled "97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors" and is written by Don Campbell & Russell Westcott. You can pre-order your copies, with a 34% discount at

Click here to order your copies

All Royalties once again going directly to Habitat For Humanity.



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