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You Can learn from two masters that have Purchased 788 Properties Flipped 346 Properties for Cash and Are Currently Holding 434 Properties Valued at $41.6 Million and growing daily!!! Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System
A special message from the Desk of Russell Westcott,
General Manager of Real Estate Investment Network...
Dear Serious Real Estate Investor:
It’s hard to believe that we were able to pin down Arlen Dahlin and Michael Millenaar long enough to have a coffee, let alone find the time in their extremely busy schedules to train an elite group of Real Estate action takers.
But we recently managed to twist their arms and they agreed to complete a ‘soup to nuts’ seminar, teaching these serious investors exactly what they have done to buy, renovate and flip over 346 properties…and that number continues to grow…In step-by-step detail Arlen and Mike have given away all the secrets they, as true masters, have spent the past 10+ years learning.
Because of REIN™’s relentless encouragement, and our special relationship with Arlen & Mike everyone now has the opportunity to share in the wealth of information these two masters have accumulated ‘in the field’ over the past 10+ years and millions of dollars in Real Estate transactions.
As the General Manager at North America’s leading network I hear the following questions from Real Estate investors all the time
  • Where do we get the money to buy and hold properties?
  • How do we Renovate & Sell houses the right way? Can you recommend anything that works in Canada?
  • What can we do to solve short term cash flow needs?
  • How do we cost effectively renovate our rental properties to attract equity building tenants and above market rents?
  • Where do we find the money to finance our Renovation projects?
  • Where is the best place to buy renovation materials?
  • What kind of renovations pay off?
  • If I have limited cash what are the top things I should be doing?
  • Are there any renovations that sound great, but are not worth the hard work?
  • Exterior, interior, or a mix of both?
"Hi Arlen,
Sigrid and I can't thank you enough..In my mind, you are one of the reasons that I am a shameless promoter of REIN™ and its members.
Your integrity matches that of Don's and a host of other key members of the organization and truly sets it apart from all others. Since we got your course I have listened to it in its entirety twice and we have implemented a lot of the strategies that you are recommending.
Even though we are comparative new comers to the game, it's was amazing how many of the same conclusions we had come to regarding colors, kitchens, doors, etc.
You and Mike are light years ahead on stuff that really counts up like roofs, siding , curb appeal and basements.
Your advice has saved us literally thousands of dollars on the finishing stages on our last reno and have given us the game book for the next one. It was also invaluable in placing our last three offers and we have just had one accepted for $25,000 - $30,000 below market value for just the lot.
You guys rock!
-Archie McNab, Coombs, BC
These are just a few of the numerous questions we receive on a daily basis from the members of the Real Estate Investment Network™, Canada’s leading network of Real Estate Action takers, whose members have now surpassed the 2.6 Billion Dollar mark in property transactions.
If you are asking similar questions… trust me you are not alone, we answer questions like this every day. Until now we never had anything to endorse in the Canadian Marketplace… The Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System was like a breath of fresh air… Finally, we could put our REIN™ endorsed logo on a product that truly works right here in Canada… in fact we guarantee your success. Click here to read our BOLD guarantee for your success
Invest just a few minutes in reading this letter. You’ll learn about the 100% hands-on “System” right here in Canada where you can add outrageous profits to your bottom line.
The Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System…
is a unique system that guarantees success.
These two masters have painstakingly assembled a connect-the-dots system to take a property from beginning to end, whether it’s large or small, pretty or ugly, in any city. No details have been left out and you can be assured you’ll understand every step completely by the time you finish this system.
In fact Arlen & Mike make far more money on their Real Estate portfolio than they do teaching, but because of their willingness to give back and help out Other Real Estate investors they have graciously allowed us to record their one and only live event.
As well, they have given us special permission to include all their forms and templates that have taken them over 8 years of trial and testing to perfect… Now everyone who invests in the Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System can short cut the learning curve by years, because you will be truly standing on the shoulders of giants…
I understand the worry plaguing many of you, “I haven’t renovated a house before, am I going to be able to understand these guys?” I can sympathize. How many times have you gone to a workshop or even the hardware store, and felt like they couldn’t possibly be speaking English. I can assure you, you’ll understand every word Arlen and Mike say.
They don’t believe in jargon and filler,
there is nothing but valuable information
laid out in a clear and understandable way.
As well, if you are experienced at renovations, just imagine how much more effective you can be learning from these two masters… Learning just one new thing that you are currently doing wrong can save you literally thousands of dollars and countless hours of grief and agony.
Have you ever wondered why someone might want to Renovate and Flip houses? Because there is money to be made and why shouldn’t you be the one to make it? But if you are still wondering whether someone like you can actually make money, the answer is absolutely. Think of all the ways your life could be changed:
  • Retire early
  • Supplement, or replace your current income
  • Generate cash to buy more long term holding properties
  • Renovate your own personal residence
  • Purchase new cars, toys, trips…enjoy your lifestyle
  • Put your children through school
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Give back to your favorite cause or charity
Whatever your personal reasons for wanting Quick Cash, they are meaningful to you. Just imagine what would have happened if someone in your family had added an extra Million Dollars into your family 50 years ago. What would your life look like now? Just Imagine what your grandchildren’s lives could look like.
If You Are Ready To Grab Hold Of Your Future And Would Like To Share In The Wealth Of
Knowledge From These Two Real Estate Masters, You Are Only A Click Away From
Learning All The Secrets Click here To Get Started Immediately
Here are some of the results you can achieve while using the Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System
Before :
After :NET PROFIT…. $ 29,000
Is this Renovation stuff worth your time?
Here are a few of the last properties these two masters have bought renovated and sold:
7731 – 73 Ave
Purchase Price $140,000
Expenses $ 19,000
Sale Price $175,000
Time 3 months
Profit $16,000
11132 – 132 Street
Purchase Price $105,000
Expenses $ 26,000
Sale Price $145,000
Time 4 months
Profit $14,000
7242 Pepperwood Village
Purchase Price $ 70,000
Expenses $ 19,000
Sale Price $ 107,000
Time 2 months
Profit $18,000
9137 – 83 Ave
Purchase Price $ 97,000
Expenses $ 33,000
Sale Price $ 153,000
Time 6 months
Profit $23,000
"I've spent hours wandering the isles at Home Depot trying to decide paint colors, baseboards, faucets etc...
Now I can tell anyone to go get this, and get that. I now have detailed list....
The exercises we worked through taught us exactly how to determine what a house i worth."
-Wade Sather, Calgary, AB
"With Confidence I know I can do this too...I appreciated how we were taken through all the steps from finding the property to financing (very helpful) to the actual renovations, then through the sales.
The real life examples and all the exercises gave me a "hands-on" knowledge that is so often missing in other systems"
-Denise Harder, Edmonton, AB
By my calculations it looks like anywhere between $14,000 - $29,000 per transaction. I bet you are saying to yourself… “Sure… these are their best deals”... “What about the others? What about the ones they lost money on?” The fact of the matter is these deals were the only ones that Arlen and Mike had pictures of. They are master Real Estate Investors, but not the best with a digital camera.
These examples are on the lower side of Arlen & Mike’s transactions… if you do them the right way! That is exactly what the Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash System teaches you step-by step.
How many of these types of transactions do you have to do to completely replace your current income, or add some more investment capital into you pockets to buy more Real Estate, 2, 3, 4?…
Most systems like this one sell for as much as $5,000 USD and even at that price would be a bargain… would it be a worthwhile investment to spend $5,000 and receive between $14,000 - $29,000 in return? Absolutely! The good news is you will not have to spend $5,000 USD to learn all the secrets from these two masters… in fact you will be surprised how little you will have to pay… and you’ll be shocked to find out what other bonuses these masters are going to throw-in…
What you will learn in detail through this system:
"This SYSTEM may be the most practical "Investor Renovation" system that I've seen.. and I come from an architectural construction background!
The research, templates, tips and exercises would have saved me a ton of time and money if I had had this when I got started. Heck, they even tell you where to shop, what to buy, and come armed with prearranged vendor discounts.
Armed with this system of attack, I am ready to tweak and implement changes in my business today and it will pay off big time for me, right where its counts - my pocketbook"
-Valden Palm, Edmonton, AB
  • Exactly how to Buy, Renovate, & Sell Houses for Fast Cash!! Step-by-step order of renovations, skip one step out of the sequence and you could be looking at long delays and large unbudgeted costs
  • How to determine what properties will make you money and what properties you should run away from!! You will learn how to build in your profit before you buy and know how much money you will make before you even make an offer.
  • How to determine exactly what to pay for a property even before you know what they are asking!!
  • All the details from case studies on how to determine market values so that you never have to guess what you can sell your property for. Hands-on case studies provide you an opportunity to work on the exact same properties Arlen and Mike have analyzed and made profits from.
  • How to find and use a Realtor to capture the multitude of bargains in the MLS system, and have your team members perform most of the ground work for you.
  • Every checklist and form you need including the "Instant Analyzer Form". This form alone is worth the entire price of the system and in-fact could save many more times the investment and wasted time. All the checklists and forms are on an easy to use CD, so you can use them instantly.
  • The $15,000 mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it!!
  • How to work with and find those diamond in the rough contractors. As you know these critical team members play a valuable role in your success. Having good contractors on your team is golden… unless you enjoy doing all the work. Good contractors are a key element in the formula that have helped Arlen & Mike purchase and flip over 346 properties.
  • How to finance your Renovation project- and learn how to finance without using all your own money.
  • “Before & After” Color Pictures on CD showing you exactly what to do. These pictures can be printed out and used as a reference guide to complete the renovation project exactly the same way as Arlen & Mike.
  • Audio recording of the all-day workshop “Renovating and Flipping Houses for Quick Cash” - Hear in step by step the details on exactly what you should do. Listen and participate over and over with these masters in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.
  • Audio recording of “The Secrets to Getting Maximum Dollar Rent by Renovating for Minimum Cash” - Learn how to Renovate and rent out your properties for above market rent and attract only equity building tenants.
Plus much more…
Just this alone would be worth your investment, but Arlen and Mike have decided to throw-in 3 very SPECIAL BONUSES!!!
Special Bonus #1….
FREE discount card from RONA (applicable in Western Canada). This RONA card can potentially save you more than the purchase price of the system all on its own… In fact Arlen & Mike determined that using the discount card for only 10 items saved them in excess of $1,061… just imagine what you could save if you used this card for your entire Renovation project… Value $1,000
Special Bonus #2….
Secret phone number for the finance company Arlen & Mike use… this phone number will help you potentially get financing up to 85% of the after repaired value… Invaluable
"This system is extremely well done. There was some much added value with reference sheets and contact purchase sheets. I have bought over 80 properties in the past two years and fully renovated over 25 of them, and I learned some excellent tricks that will be applied immediately and no doubt will save me at least a couple of thousand dollars on my next deal!!!"
-Terry Regenwetter, Edmonton, AB
Special Bonus #3….
This one is a shocking addition… Arlen and Mike currently manage a $35+ Million Dollar portfolio of Real Estate and they are willing to help everyone out who purchases this system through 90 day fax-in coaching. Just imagine having these two masters only a fax away to help you through your next deal… I was shocked when they offered this bonus, but it is available to all that purchase… Value $750
By now you are asking, "OK Russ, how much?...give me the bad news”!
Remember we discussed those other systems that costs $5,000 USD and even if you were charged $5,000 USD you’d be getting the deal of a lifetime. One Renovation project and the profits you make from doing them the right way could recover your entire investment into this systems many times.
Well, it’s not $5,000 USD so you can relax. The cost is $1,299 CAD for this complete ‘Soup to Nuts’ system. Yes, I know that may seem a bit steep. But consider the alternative, going through the Trial and Terror (error) making the costly mistakes over and over again until you finally get it right… Literally avoiding one mistake talked about in this system can pay for this system many times over…
The Cost Of Education Is Cheap
Compared To The Cost of Trial & Terror.
You’ll pay many times more by spending too much on a house, selling for too little, negotiating bad deals, or any of the thousands of other invaluable things you’ll learn through this system!
If You Are Ready To Grab Hold Of Your Future And Would Like To Share In The Wealth Of
Knowledge From These Two Real Estate Masters, You Are Only A Click Away From
Learning All The Secrets Click here To Get Started Immediately
There are basically three options:
Option One: Do Nothing. Keep on doing the same things you’ve done up until now, and expect different results (this is the definition of insanity). This option is very expensive, and ultimately - doing nothing gets you nothing!
Option Two: Do It On Your Own. Why do you need to learn from two masters who have perfected this skill PLUS tested it on over $35 Million Dollars of Real Estate Transactions! You can let the “School of Hard Knocks” teach you…or maybe your neighbor who once renovated a house 15 years ago...
You can’t lose! We guarantee your success, so…
Option Three: Take Some Action! Make this one of those moments in your life that you look back upon and are grateful you took action… Truthfully, even after you listen and go through the workbook you’ll kick yourself after you find out how many dollars you’ve lost because of what you didn’t know. You’ll see… Click here To Get Started Immediately.
Wait… There is still more!!!
Because of the exclusive close relationship (and we won a best 2 out of 3 arm wrestling match), Arlen & Mike, have graciously agreed to offer a special price for subscribers of Real Estate Investing in Canada… this offer is valid only if you order this system through the website…
Arlen & Mike are committed to give back and support The Real Estate Investment Network™… they have agreed to drop the price by another $302!!!
Regular Price $1,299

Website Special Pricing-- Only $997+tax
Arlen and Mike are so down to earth that you’ll have trouble believing they are actually self-made Real Estate Millionaires and they honestly want you to share in their success. Armed with their knowledge and your will power the sky is the limit
You can thank them later…
A Division of Cutting Edge Research Inc.
105 - 150 Crowfoot Cres NW #1018
Calgary, AB T3G 3T2
Russell Westcott
General Manager
P.S… The bottom line is you will be provided the step-by-step details of two masters that have purchased over 788 properties, you truly will be standing on the shoulders of Giants… how much time will this shave off your learning curve? Click here to start immediately.
P.P.S… Make sure you take advantage of the 90 days of fax in coaching, having these two masters only a fax note away is invaluable… with key areas of the Canadian market heating up, and turmoil in the rest of the world this system will prove, beyond a doubt, to be a major catalyst in your life. To take advantage of this proven system Click here
P.P.P.S…The $302 discount off the regular price is available if you order directly from our website… just think all the tools you need to make it work today!!! In fact, EVERYTHING you need to be amazingly successful in renovating properties for maximum profits, is included. Click here to start today!!

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