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Finally A Breakthrough Program That Allows YOU To Invest In Real Estate, Even If You Don’t Have A Ton Of Ready Cash At Your Fingertips

“Discover How To Use RRSP Money To
Invest In Real Estate – Giving You Instant
Access To Unlimited Investment Funds!”

Discover all of the proven Canadian Real Estate strategies that have helped thousands to become financially confident and independent over the last 14 years

With This Powerful Investing Secret, We Have Unearthed “The Holy Grail”

of Real Estate Investing. We’ve Cracked The Vault Wide Open
You May Never Again Have To Worry About Not Having Access To Enough

Money To Invest In Real Estate.

Imagine Being Able To Get and Give GREAT Returns on RRSP Funds, Without Having To Risk The Huge Ups and Downs of the Stock Market… and at the Same Time Tapping Into The Real Estate Market… You Get BOTH When You Use This Strategy.

Hi there Friends and Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneurs,


For years there has been a secret Real Estate Investment strategy that has been used by a small, elite and very successful group of investors. This secret has allowed them to tap into an almost unlimited source of investment capital for their Real Estate deals. How do I know? Quite simply, I was a part of this small group and I’ve seen the results first hand. My name is Valden Palm, and because you are an investor, you’ve probably seen me on TV (Find the April 14, 2005 achieved link) or heard me on the radio, or even read about me in Gordon Pape’s retirement book where he called me Mister RRSP. Why? Well, for one thing, in the last 2 weeks alone I’ve tapped into over $250,000 which I can freely use to invest in my Real Estate portfolio using the system I’m about to reveal to you.


So why am I telling you all of this? It is surely not to brag, it is because I’ve come to the point in my life that I want to give back to others.

This Secret Has Been Kept Under Wraps By The Banks,
Mutual Fund Salesmen, Financial Planners
And Other Elite Investors For Too Long.

It’s time that this secret strategy was revealed to any serious Real Estate Investor who wants it; giving you an edge that an elite few have had in the marketplace (and you may not have even known that the playing field was tilted to make it harder on you. This “edge” will allow you to buy more property, each and every month.


In this special letter, I am going to reveal to you several investing Fundamental Truths, designed to help you launch your investing success into orbit. They’ll provide you with the foundation from which you can wield the power of “The Holy Grail” of Real Estate Investing Secrets.

Elite Investors’ Fundamental Truth #1

Sustainable wealth can only be created and maintained by following a PROVEN system; Not a flash in the pan or strategy of the month. What elite investors do is focus on strategies that have been proven over the long term, in up and down markets. The system is not something just pitched from the front of some seminar room with lots of hype by someone who doesn’t have a track record. NO WAY. What they use is a system which has been road tested, and proven time and time again, day after day, month after month, deal after deal. The most powerful systems are so simple and mechanical that they may even seem boring, which you’ll quickly discover is the sign of a great investment system If the system works and cranks out big results, then don’t mess with it, just use it over and over again. Contrary to what “Tim The Tool Man Taylor” says... “It Doesn’t Need More Power!” Get in and drive.


Elite Investors’ Fundamental Truth #2


To create wealth, you don’t need to start with a ton of money ! In fact, sometimes if you do start with a lot of money it can be a disadvantage if you allow it to shut off ALL your investment creativity. So if starting with a lot of money is not the issue for elite investors, then it sure shouldn’t be for the average investor. Rather than focus on money, elite investors focus on relationships, helping others to become successful while they become successful. There is amazing power in including other people in your plans to be successful and wealthy. If you are able to SHOW them that coming along for the ride with you will sustain and even propel their wealth dreams too, you will always have a steady stream of HAPPY passengers (investors) along for the ride. If you can make it worth their while, they will follow you anywhere. If they win, you win… case closed.

Elite Investors’ Fundamental Truth #3

The lever and leverage is one of man’s greatest discoveries. In a nutshell leverage is getting more for less and using the full advantage of resources at hand to accomplish a goal. In the case of Real Estate Investing and in the game of Monopoly, it means buying as many properties as possible with the cash available at hand. In the real world, it can also be translated to mean how little of my own money can I use as a down payment and still be able to buy the property.

The best news is that the RRSP strategy I’m revealing combines all three of these Elite Investors’ Fundamental Truths to give you…


I started working with Valden just over a year ago and in that time have been able to find over $250,000 in RRSP investor's monry to help me buy even more properties in a few short months.

His expertise and materials makes it so easy that anyone can do it(even me!

I even had one of my investors give my name to his RRSP account manager to get involved. That's just how good this is!

-Cory Barber Whitecourt AB Investor

But first, the story…..A long time ago, I was introduced to a few critical facts and figures that may SHOCK and ASTOUND you.

What I am talking about is the vast pools of money that is out there in R.R.S.P. money. Money that is sitting there with poor returns… owned by investors who are not happy.

I am talking about over $250,000,000,000 (yes, that’s 250 “BILLION” dollars) in Canadian held R.R.S.P. monies! This figure is growing all the time and can soon become a virtually unlimited source of investment funds for you… as it has been for that elite group of investors.

How do I know this will happen? Rather simply,

I’ve seen it occur over and over again with those

who learn the complete system and take action.


Once again, we go back to Elite Investors’ Fundamental #1… follow a proven system. The great news is there is a simple and easy to navigate system that shows you exactly how to tap into this vast source of funds. A system that helps you navigate around the rough water and hidden land mines, so you are only sailing on smooth water. That system is called…

“The RRSP Secrets…
They Don’t Want You To Know!”

You’re probably asking “Who are THEY you mention in the title above? Who doesn’t want me to know these secrets?” The answer is Bankers, financial planners, mutual fund salesmen, mutual fund companies and stock brokers… all those who make a commission off of a typical R.R.S.P. investment. The disturbing part is that those commissions or load fees are paid “no matter how the vehicle performs”, up or down. Your money could get cut in half and still they would get paid… how fair is that? It can all slip away with the click of a mouse (dot-com’s) or a bad turn of the weather (failed orange juice crops or even an active typhoon season).


I have seen too many $250,000 R.R.S.P. life savings “nesteggs” cut in half or even more by stock or investment fund crashes. Often is seems like the only big winners in that world are those who are getting tips on the side, or even the inside… how frustrating! But fear not, there is an answer…

The Knight In Shining Armor!

What if you could learn how to fix that problem for all the people you know? What if you could offer a solution that would give those R.R.S.P. investors exactly what they are looking for… safe, secure, predictable, and consistent returns each and every month, each and every year? What would that be worth to them? What would that be worth... to you?


I see you asking yourself, can I talk to my banker or financial planner about using RRSP’s to invest in Real Estate by putting your money in specific property mortgages? Go ahead and try, but remember, it is only a very select few who know that this can be done, and even more importantly know how to make it work. …..

That “Deer In The Headlights”
Look In Someone’s Eyes – That’s Likely What You’ll See

This is how bankers, financial planners, realtors, even your fellow Real Estate Investors, will look when you ask them to explain about Self-directed RRSP Mortgage Investing... they stop and give you the “glaze”. Now I love my banker and all the tellers in the branch, but remember… the confused mind always says NO, and if they don’t know this elite way of investing, they may very clearly say something like – “That Can’t Be Done!”

I've gone through the materials and listened to the CD's and it was worth the wait!

I feel more confident that ever to be able to present this system to potential investors.Now, the sky is the limit.


-R.Hugh Sutherland

I’ll give you the tools and the research to show them, and whoever else you choose to (like prospective investors maybe...) how this can be done and to show how and where the Government of CANADA specifically says so!


I am talking about specific, specialized, and targeted education and training that even the banks and financial planners don’t yet receive. After learning this system, trust me my friend, you’ll be loaded for bear! Your hunt for funding your Real Estate deals will be virtually over! You will very quickly be in a position to…

Tap Into RRSP Investment Money
Buy Prime Canadian Investment Real Estate!

I am so confident that if you do exactly what I teach you to do, and use the system in its easy step by step, example by example form, you cannot fail!! I absolutely 100% guarantee it. My students are collecting hundreds of thousands of R.R.S.P. investment dollars every month all across Canada to help them buy more property with little or none of their own money invested. In fact……

It Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Job Or Income
You Have... or Even Don’t Have!

Velden's support and invaluable information system has enabled me to purchase investment properties with NONE of my own money, close deals quickly and correctly while creating Win- win opportunities for others.

After Attracting over $200,000 of RRSP investment money in just a couple of months, I am taking confident action forward to my goals!

-Lisa Riou, Edmonton Investor

This system is not as much about you as it is about the property that you are buying or already own and are pulling cash out of. I will show you how to position yourself and your property to a potential R.R.S.P. Lender/Investor to make it super simple for them to say yes... Yes, to investing with you!

Yet, as if that wasn’t good enough... you’ll have them sending you others with tons of R.R.S.P. money to use. Nothing is as powerful as a strong referral to generate business, and they’ll be happy to do it. If you follow all of my simple steps outlined in “The R.R.S.P. Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” it will grow exponentially, like that shampoo commercial…

they’ll tell two friends and so on, and so on... man, this is better than breeding rabbits! How Do I Know This? Quite Simply, I’ve see it occur over and over again for me and anyone I’ve shared the system with.

To secure this kind of funding on your properties could cost you thousand of dollars in fees and interest “points” each and every time you put funding together! There is a better and more cost effective way to get all the funding you need so you pay the piper only one time! Education is cheap… ignorance is expensive!


What could it possibly be worth to an astute active Real Estate entrepreneur, to be given… the key to the vault! Would you love to have your own personal instant cash machine cranking out tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy investment property with? You’ll have potential access to billions of dollars in money to fund your Real Estate business acquisitions (remember… it only takes a ‘crumb’ of the total gargantuan sum to generate wealth and add bulk to your Real Estate portfolio). “The R.R.S.P. Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” is available through this website NOW for only $1,497 plus GST! This minuscule investment will be paid back 10 times over in just your first deal, I guarantee it!!

Here is just a brief overview of the 3-System Program:

System #1: The “RRSP Secrets System”

This First Step-By-Step System walks you
through the complete RRSP Program
So You Become a Money Magnet.

  • Create Your Own Personal ATM Machine That Cranks You Out Thousands Of Dollars Anytime You Need It To Fund Your Real Estate Purchases!
  • Quick Step-By-Step Manual (forms and examples filled out)… You’ll be walked via CD’s and the detailed manual, hand-in-hand, through the whole system, so it becomes second nature. You’ll even have at your fingertips the completed forms filled out in detail as examples…. How many times have you purchased something and you wanted someone to hold your hand as your filled out the paperwork, well we’ve done it for you. With these templates at your side it will be like having me sitting right with you each step along the way.
  • Discover the 8 major Landmines to avoid when creating financing for deals. Just avoiding one of these landmines will save you more than your entire investment into this system
  • ‘Coffee Talk’ CD – Learn the magic words that will have people saying YES to your deals! We’ve tested and honed and sharpened these words, and now were sharing them so you can become a money magnet.
  • Discover the 12 Proven Strategies. Each one of these strategies is explained in step-by-step detail… just taking action and implementing only one strategy will provide you will more investment capital than you can handle, and you’ll have 12!
  • ‘Plug & Play’ CD – “I,” Valden Palm, present the investment strategy to your RRSP prospects. You just plug in the CD, sit back and let me do all the work, I’ll take them right up to saying YES. An amazingly powerful tool you’ll use over and over again. You’ll hear how I handle objection, and how I explain the simple process.
  • ‘Custom Forms’ CD – They’re All There (enough said!

System #2 “Finding The RRSP Gold!”

Now that you know how the system works,
this second System will walk you through
my patented steps on how to attract the money.

  • Insider’s Interview Audio CD – How To Present to your potential RRSP investor. In this CD I am interviewed by Real Estate Expert and best-selling author Don R. Campbell. He pulls out of me additional secrets to the RRSP System. You’ll discover senior level secrets to attracting investment capital.
  • Discover how to design your own marketing so you can attract money like no one else. If you’ve ever been short of investment funds – imagine how powerful this will be!
  • Brainstorm and keep track of potential and committed RRSP clients that want to give you their thousands of dollars to invest in properties with. A Critical senior level strategy.

Manual #3 “Guarding Your Eggs So They Don’t Get Cracked!”

In This section, you’ll discover exactly
how to maximize the investment
dollars once you have them

  • Record and track all movements and details of your many RRSP Nest Egg client dollars, so that you never miss a critical interest rate, payment, or renewal date ever again.
  • Track RRSP Money Coming In (committed)
  • Track The “Timing” Of Money Flowing
  • Track Mortgage Payments & Critical Renewal Dates
  • Stay In Control

FREE “RRSP Bonus Tools”

  • Instant Public Presentation: If you ever wish to make a public presentation to attract money in large bunches, I give you my full overheads, so you’re already done and ready for any situation.
  • Bonus audio -- A recent interview I did on Radio, titled the RRSP Radio Show. In this interview I share some additional secrets and strategies – you will not want to miss this one!
  • Mini ‘Deal-A-Deal’ Cards That’s right, I’ve created mini cheat-sheets for you, so no matter where you are, or who you’re with you’ll be able to talk to them as if you were the #1 expert in the country!
  • Instant Members’ Only Web Access and Support: As you work the system, you will have direct web-support, so you’ll never get stuck, and you can get all of your questions answered! Like having me at your side 24 hours a day.
  • You’ll also access Special Reports and Updates (the banks and the government change the rules constantly, it is critical you are working with the latest rules and regulations - you’ll find these exclusively here) “Critical Research Bulletin” Updates… Stay on the leading edge of RRSP Mortgage financing research, current developments, and new strategies to use other people’s RRSP money to fund property acquisitions.

100% Personal Satisfaction Guarantee,

I am so confident that this system will help you raise boatloads of money, just as it has for the hundreds of people who are already using this system, that I am willing to make you a very BOLD guarantee...if, in the first year, you are satisfied for whatever reason, I will give your money questions asked (period)!

As you have read above in one of the comments from an Edmonton investor (Lisa Riou):

"Valden’s support and invaluable information system has enabled me to purchase
investment properties with NONE of my own money, close deals quickly and
correctly while creating win-win opportunities for others.

After Attracting over $200,000 of RRSP investment money in just a couple of
months, I am taking confident action forward to my goals!”

How much money would you be willing to spend to raise this type of investment capital, $5,000, $7,000, $10,000?!?…. If someone came to you and told you that you have the opportunity to raise upwards of $200,000+ in investment capital and all it will cost is $10,000… would that be a good investment? Absolutely, you would jump on that in a heart beat.

As mentioned earlier “The RRSP Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” is available through this website NOW for only $1,497 plus GST! But because of the long standing relationship I have with Don Campbell and the Real Estate Investment Network, I am offering a special deal if you purchase this system from this website, plus offering you a big bold guarantee…

“I’ll personally Guarantee You’ll Love It Or
You’ll Get Your Money Back!”

That is how confident I am this system will work for you just as it has for many successful Real Estate Investors all across Canada… You will not have to pay the full price to take advantage of this turn-key system. Normally this system sells for $1,497 and even at that price this is the steal of a lifetime… Just imagine the keys to unlock the vault and raise capital to buy as many pieces of Real Estate as you can handle…

As a special Gift, for registered users of this website, I am going to take an additional $500 off the already special price of $1,497. That means if you buy directly from this website through the secure link below you will instantly be able to take advantage of this outrageous offer and I’ll give you a couple of more powerful bonuses...

Instant $500 Reduction

Regular Price $1,497

Website Special Pricing-- Only $997+tax


Wait… I almost forgot one more special, I just decided to throw in to make sure you will succeed with this system. For people ordering from this website you can receive…

FREE Special Bonus: Receive 6 months of E-mail & Fax Coachinh on your RRSP Deals from the Minister RRSP!

A$750 Value- FREE with the Package!



To Get Started Immediately
Click Here, and take advantage
of this outrageous offer

Thanks Valden, this System was so crystal clear and easy to implement, I have only acted on ONE strategy you talk about and I have lined up over $90,000 in investment funds.......


- RussellWestcott
Real Estate Investor &
General Manager REIN™

By taking advantage of this you too will be living the dream as a successful Canadian Investor. Call 1-888-824-7346 or Click Here today to get started and grab the extra $500 Discount and one-on-one mentoring Bonus.


It’s time for you to start profiting like this small group of elite investors. I look forward to working with you personally!



A Division of the Mister Home Buyer Group of Companies

Valden Palm


PS… Everything presented in a step-by-step system, all forms and documents filled out, templates for everything… heck I even show you how to make the presentations. On top of all that I’m knocking off $500 on the price plus offering you 6 months of Personal Fax coaching… All I can say is … Wow, I sure hope my accountant doesn’t see this offer!! Click Here to take me up on this offer before I change my mind


PPS… With the keys to unlock the vault, just imagine how many houses you will be able to buy, in fact you may never be able to use the excuse of “I can’t buy Real Estate… because I have no money” Click Here to get started immediately, and never have the problem of not enough investment cash again!

Stay in Touch,

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