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I am about to share with you the #1 tool that successful Real Estate investors in Ontario have used to win every time.

In times of market turmoil and confusion, like we're experiencing today, having unbiased research has always proven to be the difference between winning and losing. It helps you find hidden ports in the economic storms; it removes emotion and reveals opportunities that others simply can't see.

This 100+ page research report is based solely on the true future economics of a town…so just the facts. We don’t care what an area did in the past, we only care about where you are going to get your biggest returns in the future... If you have ever wondered where the best places to invest in Real Estate are, based on the long term economic fundamentals and have not had the time to complete all your Due Diligence... well, wonder no more.

Your Real Estate portfolio (even if it is just one property or soon to be one property) is substantial, easily hitting the hundreds of thousands of dollars. That means that one piece of research can impact your profitability to the tune of thousands of dollars, just by pointing you in the right direction, cutting through the emotions of the market and making sure that you aren't being 'sold' again.

Don R. Campbell is a Canadian based real estate investor and consultant and is the director of the Real Estate Investment Network™. His book “Real Estate Investing In Canada” is already the best-selling real estate book in Canadian History and is still sweeping the country (see above). He is also a regular real estate expert on TV, Radio and in the print media.

Don started building his personal Real Estate portfolio in Mission, BC in 1985 while working for a major national retail chain. Working the afternoon shift allowed Don to devote a large portion of his time to his passion – Assisting Others in Maximizing Their Potential.

Over the years, by using the investment systems he teaches, Don became a millionaire before he was 40 and has dramatically increased his net worth, along with that of many of his clients... Many of whom have become financially independent.

He Invests in Canada Today Using the Same Systems He Teaches and has already purchased over 240 Properties

The foundation of his business really is “You Can Have Anything That You Want In Your Life, Just Help Enough Other People Achieve What They Want.” And due to this commitment, virtually all of Don’s business comes from repeat or referral clients.

His entertaining and informative presentations have been attended by thousands of real estate investors and small business owners in Canada and across North America. In these presentations, Don shares his years of hands-on experience as he teaches strategies that he has personally tested in the real world.

Don Campbell’s experience, knowledge, energy and honest hard work will be a key factor in building your wealth, investment confidence and your financial independence.

A small investment into a research report focused on the economic fundamentals in your target region is one of the smartest ways to ensure you are making the right investment decisions whether you are thinking of buying, selling or holding.

The results in this report have surprised and shocked many investors; some even refuse to accept the facts. Let’s face it, we all have our preconceived notions about an area, especially if we live there, but this isn’t about emotion…emotion is one of the quickest killers in real estate. This is about facts that will drive your profitability, period.

Despite this initial shock, the research has always proven to be accurate for long term performance, making informed investors a lot of money over the years. The new 2013 - 2018 edition of the report will prove to do the same for those who use it.

This special research study analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment opportunities and identifies the best places in Ontario for long-term real estate investing. The top regions identified in this report are poised to outperform other regions over the next 5 years, helping sophisticated investors get better performance on their investments.

Just think, even if you had access to all of the data and the key contacts and databases, this research on your own could easily take hundreds of hours of your time. All this research has been completed for you by the hand-selected research team trained to look for long term economic indicators that drive Real Estate Values.

All the towns and cities in the report were chosen for their long term potentials, not short term speculative market runs. So you can be assured that you are basing your decisions on long term proven fundamentals, call it security… not short term market fluctuations. In fact, each of the cities and towns in the report has their own section that details the research and key numbers for the region, you don’t have to guess on anything.

Methodology of The Detailed Research...

Many sources were consulted in order to provide you the most comprehensive information. These included a variety of research reports published by Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Statistics Canada's most recent census information available at the time of printing, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Canadian Home Builders' Association, City and Regional Real Estate Boards, local economic development offices and the Office of Budget and Management.

Additionally, real estate investors and Realtors© who were well acquainted with particular cities and towns were consulted to provide 'real time' and 'on the street' experiences that may be more applicable than government statistics can provide. This triangulation of data collection is anticipated to provide the reader with the most comprehensive information to form their investment strategies.

This report is usually updated every couple of years. However, the fast paced Ontario market has been moving, changing and evolving even quicker than normal economic and historic patterns, prompting a re-examination of the research.

Please note that these towns were chosen for their long-term potential not short-term speculative market runs. With the exception of some of the statistics, the fundamentals do not change dramatically on a year to year basis.

The towns have been recommended as good places in which to invest based solely on the current data available. These are areas where investors should investigate buying to hold as rentals (although other investment strategies work just as well). Homeowners with long term hold positions can also use this report to identify regions in which to live. They are towns with a future, not just a past.

The truth is, there are always good deals in every market, if you can find them. Conversely, no matter how hot the market, there will always be properties that don't do well. The way you avoid owning one of these underperformers is to follow a proven investment system that forces you to ask the tough questions while ignoring market hype and misinformation-- This report provides you with the research you require to make smart investment decisions.

It is important to note that current market conditions are not signs of what the future market will hold, only the economics supporting a market can tell you what the future potential is. Here is a list of questions investors need to ask themselves before making real estate decisions.

In this special report, the following long term key fundamentals were analyzed in-depth:

  • Is the area’s average income increasing faster than the provincial average?
  • Is the area’s population growing faster than the provincial average?
  • Is the area creating jobs faster than the provincial average?
  • Does the area have more than one major employer?
  • Is the area in the RBC Affordability Index Hot Zone (25% to 39%)?
  • Will the area benefit from an economic or real estate ripple effect?
  • Has the political leadership created an economic growth atmosphere?
  • Is the Economic Development Office progressive and helpful?
  • Is the area’s infrastructure being built to handle the expected growth?
  • Are there any major transportation improvements in the works?
  • Is the area attractive to Baby Boomers’ lifestyle?
  • Is there a short term problem occurring that is slated to disappear in the future?
  • Is there a noted increase in labour and materials cost in the area?

The answers to these questions provide a base from which to work while analyzing any region in Ontario. Especially during today’s market turmoil and mixed economic signals, this pure economic focus is critical.

The long-term opportunities are there, it will just take a practiced eye and a non-emotional outlook to uncover them…exactly what this Top Ontario Investment Town Report will provide - answers you are looking for regarding WHERE to Invest.

Some of the resources used to compile the information came from reports costing thousands of dollars (yes, one report alone cost $2,500)... don't worry; that’s not what it will cost you to get this report, not even close.

But, the impact of this research can provide you significantly more value than just a few thousand dollars. Short of the property you may choose to buy, the cost of this report will give you the next biggest return on your investment.

As I see it you have three choices:

OPTION ONE: Do Nothing. It's the path of least resistance, and frankly, what most people do. You can blindly go and invest in assets costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars and hope you get lucky, with absolutely no research.

OPTION TWO: Try it on your own. Why do you need to invest in our research? You can do your own hours and hours of searching… reading every free blog, newspaper, opinion and filter through all the uneducated comments (there are tons). Where would you be? Exactly the same place you are now? Confused, unsure where to invest, no further ahead and wishing you had all that time back.

OPTION THREE: Do it right. The third choice is the obvious choice. You can tap into a hand-picked team of researchers who have tapped into their private contacts, and hidden databases and researched all the key indicators, so you don't have to. All you have to do is invest in the report, read the information, and apply your new found knowledge.

Normally this report sells for $79.97, and at that price, this would be a steal for this top quality research. But for the special launch of the brand new Top Ontario Town report, you can knock another 25% off ($20) the regular price paying only $59.97.


I want to tap into your research and Discover the 2013 - 2018 Top Ontario Towns where real estate values are poised to explode!

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