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Russell Westcott General Manager of REIN™

Russell Westcott

Canadian Real Estate Investor,
Educator, Researcher, &
Best Selling Co-Author of

’97 Tips For Canadian
Real Estate Investors’

Russell Westcott is a veteran Canadian-based real estate investor, educator and researcher. He is the VP of Sales and Marketing for the Real Estate Investment Network™ (REIN™), Canada’s leading Real Estate Education program. Russell is a co-author and one of the Real Estate experts who contributed to the completion of the best-selling Canadian real estate book 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors (Wiley ISBN: 0-470-835808-6), published in March 2006.

Russell joined REIN™ in 2004 as an analyst and has made a significant contribution over the years to REIN™’s program development and growth, helping to make it Canada’s leading national real estate education program. An accomplished, passionate presenter and expert on many trends in real estate, Russell co-presents with Don R. Campbell, many of REIN™’s monthly educational seminars held across the country. While teaching and sharing his research and investment strategies with Canadians, Russell also walks his talk and continually adds to his personal portfolio by acquiring, on average, one new investment property each month. On the personal side, Russell is an avid golfer and wine aficionado who makes his home in Coquitlam, B.C.

Russell shares his strategies and research monthly through the Real Estate Investment Network™. To date, the members of REIN™ have purchased in excess of 26,800 properties valued at more than $3.0 billion, with close to 100 properties added each month. The REIN™ program that has been attracting attention in Canadian business circles for its results and down-to-earth practicality.

Russell continues to live his life based around his four key priorities in life which are: 1) Health, Happiness and Enjoyment of Life 2) Family and Relationships, 3) Contribution and Growth, and finally 4) Abundance and Gratitude.

Plus he lives his daily life by his credo
“You Can Have Anything in Your Life If You
Provide Massive Value…
That Significantly Improves People’s Lives!!!”
Today, REIN™ has more than 2,500 members that range in age from 16 to 70, many who’ve been members for more than 100 months. REIN™ does not sell properties, but instead provides unbiased research and analysis. Members work on buying three investment properties during their first year — a seemingly daunting challenge, but one that most members meet and many surpass by following the proven REIN™ system. Many REIN™ members have moved well beyond this total and are continuing to expand their portfolios.

Each month you can find Russell educating Canadian Real Estate Investors at one of the many REIN™ workshops throughout Canada. Russell’s presentations have been called passionate, entertaining and educational and have been attended by thousands of real estate investors across Canada. Russell uses his vast knowledge base to present his REIN™ Advanced Buying Strategies™ , REIN™ Landlording Secrets™ and REIN™ Joint Venture Secrets™ that have helped thousands of Real Estate Investors think creatively and raise investment capital to buy their next piece of Real Estate.

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