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Map and Directions

Map and Directions - Western Canada Workshop

All-Day Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Telus Convention Center, 120 Ninth Ave SE
Calgary, AB

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Update on Canadian Real Estate

How to Create Wealth in Real Estate,
No Matter What the Market Does

Saturday, August 23, 2008 in Calgary

Western Canada Conference
One of The Best Line Ups of The Year


In just over a week the REIN™ Western Canada summer conference will begin and this year's conference lineup is proving to be one of the most 'power packed' of 2008.

This is a special All-Day REIN™ Workshop with Members coming to Calgary from all across the country as well as around the world.

This will be one of your last reminders of this event as it is filling up quickly. You will want to act now to make your travel arrangements to attend!



Annual Western Canada Field Trip

Calgary & Surrounding Area
9 am - approx 5 pm Friday, August 22, 2008

As of the writing of this note only 7 spots remain for this years Western Canada field trip. This year we will be touring the hottest towns around the Calgary Region, meeting the 'players' in the towns, making new contacts, and best of all, revealing opportunities! The networking opportunities alone will be amazing. You must pre-register for this bonus event (only $89 + gst). If you are interested in attending this special event
click here to register and get signed up!

I imaging the field trip will be sold out within the first hour after this note is sent out, so if you are interested in attending I urge you to sign up now.

click here to register


Western Canada Conference Line-up Best Ever! Who is going to be there.

Don R. Campbell

The NEW Top 10 Alberta Towns

The Research is Near Completion
There are Changes & Surprises!
What's Behind the Curtain

Steve McKnight

- How To Create Real Estate Profits in All Market Conditions
- Australia's 'Don R. Campbell'
- 3-Time Best-Selling Author

Russell Westcott

- Creative Real Estate Strategist
- Joint Venture Expert

Ray Reuter

- Entomologist
- Pine Beetle Expert
- myREINspace Expert

Melanie Tenant

- Masters Degree in Criminology
- Grow Op Expert
- Transportation Research

Peter Kinch

- Canada's #2 Mortgage Broker
- Wealth Coach and Creator of "The 5 Year Plan" Workshop

Barry McGuire

- Veteran Real Estate Lawyer
- Contributing lawyer to the Real Estate 'Tales From the Trenches'

Greg Habstritt

- Creator of the Master Wealth Real Estate Program
- Newly 'retired' Real Estate agent, who will be sharing with you all the tricks of the trade



As a bonus to this event we have recorded additional information on top of what will be presented at the Western Canada Conference

Click here to listen to the Don R. Campbell Summer update on the Real Estate Market

Click here to listen to the Steve McKnight audio interview talking about how to create wealth in Real Estate no matter what the market does
Enjoy these additional benefits to your membership-
See you at the Western Conference

REIN™ Western Canada Workshop
All-Day Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Telus Convention Center Telus Convention Center, 120 Ninth Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Special Presentation #1
Steve McKnight

"How to Create Wealth in Real Estate,
No Matter What the Market Does."

Best-selling author, much sought after speaker and respected property expert, Steve McKnight is flying in from Australia to present his insights into Real Estate Investing.

Specifically Steve will be presenting:

The Six Generations of Wealth, and how you can quickly move through the wealth generators
Trade Time For Money
Save More Than They Spend
Asset Appreciation
Income Generation From Assets
Income Reinvestment
Asset Maximization
Y-E=S formula, and how you can use this formula to create your income targets.
Wheel of Wealth, and how you can incorporate this strategy into your life and generate SPECIFIC action plans to accomplish your goals
Rental Multiplier Effect, and how you can apply this strategy to increase your bottom line cash flow
Senior Sophisticated tips for 'Sellers', if any of you are interested in eventually selling some of your properties, Steve will be providing you with his 7 step system for selling your properties profitably.
Make sure you listen to the special Audio interview with Steve by
Clicking here...

Special Presentation #2
Greg Habstritt

"Confessions of a Recovering Real Estate Agent:
The 7 Secrets They Won't Tell You"

Greg has just recently 'handed in' his agency license and is coming out to the Western Canada REIN™ conference to 'spill the beans'... Just like a magician who gives you a look at the behind the scene secrets of their magic tricks, Greg will be sharing a behind the scenes look at the world of the Real estate agent.

The overall theme will be what EVERY sophisticated investor needs to know when dealing with their team of 'agents' and how you can't be successful without one.

Greg will be sharing his Agent Interview Form which will walk you though some of the key questions to ask a Real Estate agent. This form will be an essential document to have the next time you interview any Real Estate Agents. As we all know creating and maintaining strong relationships with your team members is one of the fundamental pillars to create a successful Real Estate business.

This is a highly interactive presentation to help separate you, head and shoulders above, everyone else in the market competing for the best team members.

Special Presentation #3
Don R. Campbell

"Brand New Alberta Top 10 Town Report"

That's right, the newly created Top 10 Alberta Investment Towns will be revealed for the first time at the Western Canada conference. REIN™ Members attend FREE as part of your Membership, and will receive a copy of the report if you are in attendance.

Don will be covering each town in depth and providing you all the latest research into the new list of towns. There as some real surprises in this addition of the Top 10 Alberta Investment Towns. Make sure you are one of the first ones to hear all the details of the new list. As always, REIN™ Members are the first to hear the details of this report, just one more advantage of your membership.

In addition to all the above information presented you will be provided with the following presentations:

Our resident entomologist, Ray Reuter, is itching to give you more information on one of Alberta's most unwanted residents - bedbugs - why they show up, how to avoid them and how to get rid of them.

Tales from the legal trenches with legal expert Barry McGuire.

What's Behind the Curtain- Additional research will be provided throughout the day, keeping you on the Cutting Edge of Real Estate Investing.

Mortgage Minute- Peter Kinch will be in attendance to help you with all your financing questions. With the banks getting tighter in lending funds it is more important than ever to get educated. Peter's information will help you secure mortgage financing while the uneducated investors keep running into brick walls.

One of the strongest line-ups for the year!

All the resources required to succeed are available to you at this event. Do whatever you can to make it to this Western Canada workshop.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Many thanks

Russell WestcottRussell Westcott
REIN™ Canada

PS... This may be one of your last chances to register for the Western Canada field trip. At last count there were less than 7 spots available, so make sure you register for this event and have another full day of discovery and learning. Click here to register

PPS... As an additional reminder make sure you check out the additional pre-conference interviews for this special event.
Click here for the Don Campbell Interview

Click here for the Steve McKnight Interview
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